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the leader in upper peninsula travel ball

The goal of our league is to provide a safe and productive environment that enables children to learn and apply the principals of teamwork, discipline, dedication, and sportsmanship.  We facilitate the development of strength and character in every child that participates.

We are sustained by the efforts of volunteers who display an extraordinary amount of commitment and hard work, ensuring that our league is a positive influence in the lives of our children.  We also strive to provide a service to our community by providing a healthy outlet for children, opportunities for the community to gather together, and endless hours of entertainment.

In order to maintain a quality basketball program, we need to rely completely on the kindness of family, friends, & local businesses to help support our program and children.  It is our hope that with your support, we can reach our 2018 season goals and continue as a quality basketball program.  

We have a variety of ways to support our program, contact us to find out how.